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Jump, blink, flip, stop time and more - put your skills to the test in this challenging runner that doesn't rely on procedural generated levels, but instead draws similarities to a platformer. It is more like a platformer in which you never let go of the right button.

You only need two buttons, but their usage frequently changes depending on the special abilities that you currently have. Sometimes you can blink short distances, flip gravity or even break the space time continuum. 

The game is in an early stage - there are no sound effects, music, and the levels past the first one look very bland at the moment.


  • Button 1: Left half of the screen. (mapped to Z on the Windows build)
  • Button 2: Right half of the screen.  (mapped to X on the Windows build)

Grotto Escape II Art Pack by ansimuz (CC-BY 4.0). Remixed and edited.

Platformer Baddies by GrafxKid (CC0). Remixed and edited.

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[Currently on hiatus, be back in August!]

[Downloads are currently disabled. A huge update is in the pipeline!]

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This game Is great once you get the hang of it but this game will never let you get use to the controls which in my opinion is a good thing. this game is fun and challenging but a blast to play.  great job
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That was very entertaining to watch, great video! Thank you so much for taking the time to play and upload it. 


Suppose I'll allow this to be words of course, as I feel it'd be best to do so:


Loved the video! Thank you so much for playing and recording :) 

Currently there is no music or sounds, by the way, but hopefully there will be soon! 

I'll also note that the current build changed a lot of things than what you've had the chance to play - a lot of the earlier jumps should now be much easier. 

Thanks a bunch again!


When given the chance, I'll play the updated version of course.


I will be streaming this tonight on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tiger_j feel free to come hangout in chat with our dev community!


This is one well made game! Very challenging gameplay and the progression of difficulty was just about right.

The art is great and the mechanics smooth. I really loved the way you designed the levels for each of those special abilities.

There are three things I think you could improve:

1) Keyboard button layout for people who would like to use their right hand. It was easier for me to use my right hand but at the same time hard to position it at an angle so that I could use the Z & X keys. Maybe provide the option to use the arrow keys as well?

2) Due to the fact that the player is always moving to the right, many times the coins that I collect would fly across the screen and either cover the player or just distract me; so I often lost sight of the player, which got a little frustrating in the more intense levels

3) For windows, maybe you could add an option to increase the window size, maybe just use surfaces to stretch what is displayed. Because it was often a little hard to notice the player because of it's color in relation to the background and environment

It was a fantastic game that I really enjoyed! Thanks for putting time and effort into this, it really is something great!


Thank you so much! 

I'm still unsure whether I want the game to be available on Windows or not, so that is one reason why the Windows port is kinda sloppy :p If I do decide to go through it in the end, I'll definitely keep those things in mind!

A new player sprite should be coming soon, it's going to be primarily white/gray so hopefully that should be enough to make it way easier to tell where the player is at all times - if not I'll have to make more adjustments (the coin collection sequence is the first in line). This is too important not to make big compromises either way, so it has priority over everything else :) 

And thank you again so much for taking the time out of your day to play a silly game like this, it means a ton to me! I'm very happy that you liked it - I'll try my best to improve it further! :')


This is great! I tried android version. Gameplay was smooth, nothing to complain. Pretty addictive :P

And I love those graphics!

Thanks for playing! I'm so glad to hear that it runs smoothly, thank you for testing it out on android :')


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Hahah i'm impressed of the fun you can have in this game, great work! I love the abilities, adds more complexity. But could you add keyboard controlls for windows? And maybe an indicator that you've got an new ability? And why si the coins that is close to the ground so far up, maybe they can be closer to the ground so you can pick them up?

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Thank you! I plan to implement a few more abilities by the end of it. 

You can use Z and X to simulate left and right screen taps respectively! My apologies for never displaying these within the game, I'll have a new windows exclusive build coming up soon. Thanks for playing!


An indicator when you get a new ability - sure! I'll jump on this. Regarding the coins, their placement isn't final and as you noticed, some are in rather inconvenient spots :) Will be fixed, but as of now, coins don't really do anything :p 

Thanks for the feedback!


My player character fits neatly with the artstyle :)

Would you like to use the newer, more detailed birds? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xB9cT0eGPZqM-ZQBtjxkls-xd6AcLpXq/view?usp=shari...

Oh hey! I remember playing Bird Hop 1 back in 2014 when it was featured on the NG home page, and I was delightfully reminded of it when I stumbled upon your player art on opengameart :) 

As for your question, the game will soon be going through some major changes in regards to how it looks so anything can happen! :p In either case, thank you so much! 

Hey Alex,

I'm developing a pixel-art game of my own and your player character suits my game very well. Is it possible to use this in my game? I can mention you in the credits if you like.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards! 


Here you go, you can download the graphics here. No need to credit me but thank you for that if you do :)



Man this sounds fun ! It's certainly ambitious when I have time I hope to try it out.

Thanks! Hope you like it x)