gimmicky devlog 0.1.6

This is by far the biggest patch I've done - there's so many new things I probably won't be able to remember everything but here goes:

  • Title screen! Not nearly final, but it's something for now
  • Main menu! This version comes with improvements to the menu system, it should be way more responsive and not misbehave
  • Settings! I've finally fixed the settings screen and now you can choose a couple of things (on mobile only, settings are disabled on the win build)
    • Enable/disable music and SFX - there is no music nor SFX currently in the game regardless but hey the option is there
    • Pick your dominant hand - flips the menus and controls to suit your handedness 
    • Enable/disable one hand mode - instead of using both hands to tap on left/right half of your screen, you can now use the upper/lower halves of your screen for input if you so desire
    • Enable/disable ads - I've decided to give control to the player whether or not they wish to support me, so if you find ads annoying, you can simply disable them for free! There are no ads currently in the game, but the option is there.
  • Lots of new objects to interact with, but are not used in the levels currently
  • Optimization! The game should run way better than it did before. On my low end device it's still not completely stable, but I'll take extra care to optimize the game wherever possible!
  • With that said, I've removed the main culprit of the slowdowns - the lightning system. From what I've gathered, android isn't very fond of multiple surfaces as they're stored in VRAM, and generally phones tend to have very little of it. I'm trying to find a better alternative.
  • Redesigned the first level to be way more friendlier and sort of act as a textless tutorial. Still, I haven't received any feedback considering level design so it might be heavily biased - this is something that I absolutely need to get right, so if you think that it's too hard or too boring, please let me know!
  • Arcade mode is no more. I've been thinking heavily about this and decided that ultimately, this is where I cut content. This was never planned, I just did it spontaneously without thinking how time consuming it would be. So right now I'm working on adapting the arcade levels into the standard mode. Bootcamp will still happen though!
  • Aaand this is where I regret not writing down everything I do (which I should!), as I'm sure there's way more than this, but my goldfish memory serves me this much

    There's still a million things to do. Mainly graphically, the game doesn't look very nice. It is also quite short on levels - without dying, the demo can be completed under 8 minutes. On the other hand, there's only a few things that I need to add to the game that has to do with game mechanics. So in a bit, I will focus all my time on polishing and designing levels, and that should be it!

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