gimmicky devlog 0.1.7

I'm not very good with making gifs under 3MB so here's a my tweet for some visual presentation.

Acting on the feedback I've received, here are the most important changes in this small patch:

  • Z and X is now displayed on screen below the ability icons for the Windows build. In the previous build, I noted on the game page that they are bound to left/right screen respectively, but it's no excuse -  because of this, some of you played the game with a mouse. My apologies!
  • The first, second and third level all received small changes to make them a bit more lenient - thanks to everyone who pointed out the things that didn't fit the difficulty curve. 
  • Added placeholder tiles to the third level so it's not so painful to look at
  • The swap blocks should be less likely to kill you - I've changed the amount of pixels you have to be inside them when they change so it's less punishing 
  • Halved the amount of camera snap back on death
  • GUI should now properly scale to your resolution
  • Made menu text more readable

Things that I've received feedback about but are not implemented yet:

  • Fix a bug where you can get stuck inside the corner of a swap block
  • A level between the first and second - currently the difficulty curve is a bit too steep 
  • More checkpoints - not entirely sure where would be best to squeeze them, but I'll think of something
  • No sound, this is mandatory, but I still haven't took the time to find some nice free sound assets
  • Revisit the first screen of the first level. Make the fact that you can double jump more obvious. I spent a lot of time doing this already, but I was told that it isn't enough! I want to avoid textboxes at all cost, so I'll have look into adding more visual cues
  • Maybe make the blood effect rainbow colored to make it suitable for children or disable it altogether

Thank you everyone for sending these extremely valuable points of criticism! 

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Version 0.1.7 Jan 28, 2018

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